Success Story

A multinational heat treatment company is also expanding its Italian market

Thanks to one of our technical sales specialists, the company has already acquired 4 large volume orders in just 6 months.

Part of a group of companies with a total turnover of 80 million, this Austrian company specialised in the heat treatment of metals was founded in 1946, also has operations in Germany, the US, Slovakia and China.
However, heat treatment, is usually a neighbourhood service. So it was difficult to expandin Italy without having an office there.
Thanks to a sales engineer specialised in the sector and focusing on technological innovation, we developed a new Italian market for large orders.

  • Country of the company: Austria
  • Business area: Metal heat treatment
  • Company size: Large
  • New export area: Italy
  • Results: 4 large orders in just 6 months

How we worked

Step 1
Strategy and Unique Selling Proposition
In order to deliver a successful customer service, we had to overcome the difficulty of not having an office in Italy. We therefore targeted first-class Italian companies in the aerospace, automotive and related sectors, interested in a technological improvement of their products. Indeed, our customer's surface heat treatment can replace chrome plating, for which harmful and carcinogenic materials are used.
Step 2
Technical sales specialist
We searched for and brought into our team a sales technician specialised in technical surface treatment, who started proposing to virtuous Italian companies the process of developing new technologically advanced products.
Step 3
4 large orders in just 6 months
In just six months from the start of the project, we have already started working with 4 major companies, with whom we have developed tailor-made products. Given the calibre of the companies, each order consists of large quantities.
Step 4
Future developments also for other company divisions
Our client company includes several divisions: not only heat treatment, but also forging and machining. Within a short period of time, we have also found customers interested in the forging business line, thus exceeding the customer's expectations.
Success story

The clarity of the unique value proposition

Competence and quality are not enough if they cannot be communicated to possible customers.

In order to enter a new market, it is not enough to have expertise and technological innovation: you also need an expert to communicate them to the right decision-makers. Our sales consultant was able to propose the right product to the right companies thanks to his expertise and knowledge of the industry.

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