How we work

Our method

We generate fresh and incremental turnover through export

We have an original and well-established method. By applying careful profiling of the companies we work with, we offer the best results in the shortest possible time.

Our method comes from many years of experience and guarantees concrete results for Italian companies who want to develop their business in the German-speaking and Eastern European markets.
We provide a team of specialists dedicated and experts in the client's target sector.

Our target

We are the right Sales Developer for you if...

Exporting and setting up a business in another country requires organisation, field contacts, language knowledge, experience and lots and lots of expertise. We assist Italian, German or Eastern European companies in developing a business expansion strategy in Italy, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Are you an innovative company that considers expansion a strategic factor?

We work with innovative and technologically advanced companies, operating in the following sectors:

  • Mechanical components and machinery for agriculture and gardening
  • Aluminium and cast iron
  • Automotive
  • Building and Construction
  • Foundry and die casting
  • Industrial and Machinery
  • Military
  • Plastics
  • Packaging

Are you a medium-sized or large company?

We work with structured and experienced medium-sized or large companies, with a minimum turnover of 20 million euro with materials for selling abroad and ready to start with a growth project in their target market.

Are you a foreign company that wants to open up to the Italian market, or are you an Italian company that wants to expand into the German-speaking and Eastern European markets?

We help Italian companies develop markets in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. We also assist companies from these countries to develop their market in Italy.

Have you already tried to develop your export business, without success?

If you have already tried to expand into foreign markets without success/ If so, it is possible that you had not relied on the right people. We will be clear and honest about the real possibilities of expanding your business abroad, working for your project with the best professionals available on the market.

Are you ambitious and eager to grow?

Each of our projects requires major efforts and the dedication of many specific professionals. We work with companies that want significant development for their business and who are ready to start a long-term project.


Why using an external consultant?

Why should you decide to engage an external consultant instead of opening an in-house division?
These are the advantages of relying on Moroder Consulting.

We don't waste time on superfluous activities, but are 100 per cent operational.
We have been working for years with a team of specialists and an established methodology that ensure fast, concrete and brilliant results.
We select the best sales professionals for your specific business.
We are a structured company with specific and specialised skills. We never stop.
Maximum transparency and cost details agreed and shared. No surprises!
Objectives and project will be verified and shared at every stage of the process.
Each project is specific and unique to us, and therefore requires skills and activities to be set up with the utmost care.
We immediately deploy our resources, skills and relationships . The first results arrive in the shortest possible time.

Our method

Step 1
Listening, planning and strategy definition

We listen to your needs and objectives, we analyse your already existing export experience. We plan the best business strategy to achieve your goals. We define the project and its phases, we identify the best team which then works on your project.

Step 2
Tailor-made database creation and contact with decision-makers

By using our contacts and experience, we create a database specifically tailored to your business. We then share the database with you to identify the prospects of greatest interest.

Step 3
Lead Generation

We then contact the decision-makers of the most interesting companies, setting up an appointment for an initial fact-finding visit.

Step 4
Specialised sales developer for visits to potential customers

The visits are conducted by a Sales Developer specialised in your sector and native to the area where you want to develop your business. They are not a salesperson, but a specialist who knows your business and can interface successfully with your technical department.

Step 5
Order signing and acquisition

The Sales Developer is able to negotiate with decision-makers at all levels, emphasises your Unique Selling Points and usually acquires first orders after only 24 weeks.

Step 6
Process optimisation to maximise results

Our work does not end with the order: we are also by your side in the next phases of development, optimisation and consolidation of orders and strategy.


Our solutions for developing your export business

Two solutions tailored to your objectives

The Sales Development encompasses all the necessary steps for developing of your business abroad.

With the Subsidiary Management, on the other hand, we help you set up and develop your sales subsidiaries abroad.




Concreteness and transparency at the service of your export business

Since 2003 we have been developing the export of Italian and foreign companies with competence, speed and concreteness.


Our successful projects

Over the years we have worked with more than 40 Italian and foreign companies, successfully developing their export business.
Read all about our achievements.

Success Case

New business areas, new markets

Thanks to Moroder Consulting's identification of an important new client and the subsequent support a foundry from Emilia Romagna was able to develop its business in Austria and Germany.

Success Story

A multinational heat treatment company is also expanding its Italian market

Thanks to one of our technical sales specialists, the company has already acquired 4 large volume orders in just 6 months.

Success story

Development of a sales network in Eastern Europe

From 1 customer to a network of 30 dealers and 3 on-site salesmen.

Success story

The conquest of German Tier-1 companies by a medium-sized plastics company

Despite the uncertain historical period, we managed to generate more than EUR 2 million in fresh turnover through exports for a plastics moulding company.

Success story

From zero to 10 thousand agricultural machines sold in just 10 years

Astonishing and lasting results for an Italian agricultural machinery manufacturer.


Let's conquest a new market together

If you are a company that wants to implement an expansion project and you want to develop your business in Italy in the German-speaking area or Eastern Europe, contact Markus Moroder and his professionals.


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